World Indigenous Program

VFM has managed and volunteered the event organized by Nepalese Indigenous Nationalities Forum Australia being inspired by diversity of Nepalese community. We have addressed and invited all through below mentioned invitation:

NEPAL is one of the many nations with diverse cultural communities, yet many Nepali are unknown to the cultures other than their native one. Are you one of those Nepali???? How many different Nepali cultures you are familiar with???? Are you interested to know more about the cultures of the various ethnic groups of Nepal, their customs, their dances, their foods & drinks etc.?????? If you want to know more, please come this Saturday at Marana Auditorium, Hurstville; on the program organized by NINFA in association with various Indigenous organizations to celebrate the 25th “INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE WORLD INDIGENOUS PEOPLES”.

You will see the cultural parade with various cultural customs, around a dozen of various ethnic cultural dances including two Bangladeshi Indigenous dances and various cultural foods and drinks.

Parents Gathering

With increasing number of Nepalese students and residents in Australia,...