VFM cultural and community Support Activities


With noble motive of giving a homely environment and helping newcomers student to overcome homesickness, VFM is organising various cultural events time to time. We aim to preserve our culture in this foreign land because a huge part of who we are is associated with our culture.  We believe that the interest and involvement of students in such events is helping to elevate their general well being along with binding Nepalese society and student together. Our Major Cultural Events are mentioned here.

Furthermore, VFM actively take part in Multicultural Community programs. One part of VFM is always binding all Nepalese community in Australia together and inspiring all to help student overcome their struggle thereby flourish. Consequently, VFM helps various community events to foster positive change into community. VFM has volunteers in many events that has positive impacts on student’s life directly and indirectly. Among many events supported and managed by VFM, some honourable events are mentioned here. VFM beliefs Unity in Diversity is our Identity.


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