About Us.

Vision For Motivation (VFM) is a community organization working for the betterment of Nepalese international students in Australia and connecting them to wider Australian Communities.

Every year more than half a million students come to Australia seeking higher education and quality lifestyle. Nepalese students alone constitute to be the third largest in terms of numbers. Even though being a majority, the needs of international Nepalese students are seldom addressed or discussed upon. Everyday students are facing serious problems like unemployment, depression, work exploitation, accommodation issues, sexual abuse and so on.

In order to address these problems and be the voice of Nepalese International students VFM was established. It was inaugurated by founder Mr. Mahesh Prasai and group of 12 enthusiastic Nepalese International students.

VFM has continuously been working to foster student welfare; enhance racial, cultural and social prosperity of international Nepalese students in Australia. Our goal is to help Nepalese students realise their full potential and help them excel in the field of their interest and eventually mobilise their knowledge, skills, and resources for the betterment of the community.


Full story behind VFM

What happens when a group of dedicated and motivated youth comes together for a common purpose?

The result is Vision For Motivation (VFM),  a Community organisation working for the betterment and welfare of International Nepalese Students.

The organisation was established by Mr Mahesh Prasai (Max Babu) along with the 12 executive members. The foundation of the organisation was definitely laid by the first executive body. Without them, the organisation would never have come to its current standing..

Till date, VFM has conducted several events and programs for the betterment of the Nepalese International Students. Activities done by the organisation can be classified into the following heads.

  1. Employment: One of the biggest struggles of students is a job, So we are striving to help newcomers to understand the Australian work culture, skills on demand, and their work right to get their first job in Australia.
  2. Culture: We have established the VFM cultural team to give a sense of being, belonging, and becoming for International Nepalese Students. Thereby, Develop cultural competence by connecting to wider Australian communities through culture.
  3. Awareness and Workshops: We have been conducting beach safety workshops and mental health workshops to aware and educate international students.
  4. Counseling: We have been organizing events to counsel mentally disturbed and depressed students. Most Importantly, We have been helping the student to connect to the large Australian organizations like Mind, Beyond Blue for getting the help that they need.
  5. Charities/ Social event- We have been conducting various cultural activities to establish a sense of belonging for Nepalese Students. Moreover, we have been helping them to extend their networks and connections so that they can keep moving forward in life.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to empower, inspire and motivate the Nepalese students in Australia.

  1. Our mission is to foster student welfare; enhance racial, cultural, and social prosperity. We continuously help struggling students to realise their full potential and help them excel in the field of their interest and eventually mobilise their knowledge, skills, and resources for the betterment of the Community.
  2. Our aim is for our members to successfully complete the workshops and trainings organized by VFM to achieve improved social and mental well-being. We tirelessly work to develop self-confidence and independence in the Nepalese students.