New to VFM? Get to know us get in touch Vision For Motivation (VFM) is a community organization working for the betterment of Nepalese international students in Australia and connecting them to wider Australian Communities.


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Our vision is to empower, inspire and motivate the Nepalese students in Australia.

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VFM is a community organisation working for the betterment and welfare of International Nepalese Students and connecting them to wider Australian communities.

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Welcome to VFM

Vision For Motivation (VFM) is a Community organisation working for the betterment of Nepalese international students in Australia and connecting them to the wider Australian community. Every year more than half a million students come to Australia seeking higher education and quality lifestyle. Nepalese students alone constitute to be the third largest in terms of numbers. Even though being a majority, the needs of international Nepalese students are not addressed or discussed upon much.

Message from the Founder

Hello and Namaste, I am Mahesh Prasai AKA Max Babu, The founder of VFM. I Thank You for visiting our website.

I came to Australian in 2008 as a student, I struggled a lot in my early years just like everyone. After years of struggle, I was able to settle down with life. Gradually,  I have seen huge changes and growth in Nepalese society in Australia Since 2008. As the number of Nepalese students increased, the various social, economic, and mental issues also increased. Being a soft-hearted person, I felt the pain of the early struggle of students. I needed to do something about this because Once I knew they are struggling hard ignoring that was not something I am capable of. Consequently, I seek a way to help them out. In beginning days, I tried to help them individually but soon I realized that was impractical. I needed to find a more effective way to help collectively and create greater impact. With this longing, VFM was founded.

Thank you to all our passionate and intelligent members without whom VFM would not  have been what it is today.

Welcome to VFM!

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